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Stephane Pedaggi, a native of Paris, France, grew up developing a passion for model cars. After a move to the US, and a short tennis playing career, his focus shifted into his other passion of cars. Some might say he has Ferrari blood running through his veins, having owned more than 30 Ferraris and countless other exotic cars. He has been a member of several car clubs throughout the world and has been on several car TV shows. Currently on the Ferrari Club of America board, an advisor and a Rolls Royce owner/member. He is always involved in the car industry one way or another, but for the past 2 decades, he devoted his lifelong hobby into “Scaledetails”.

“Scaledetails is all about the details” he says. “When I look at a model, I am always trying to figure out what it needs, and there is always room for more details.” This might explain why he went through 6 different Ferrari Testarossas in the past 20 years for research development. “The fun part isn’t just driving these cars, but looking at them, studying the lines, what went into each design and functionality of each car.

There are never two alike, despite what one might think”. “The same goes with a high quality model, turning it into a work of art is such a rewarding experience”. “I have met countless passionate artists that enjoy our hobby along with the same passion they have for cars”. “I truly am a lucky man to be amongst them”.

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